Sogogi Dasida 100g (korean beef stock)

Sogogi Dasida 100g (korean beef stock)

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CJ Sogogi Dasida/Dashida

Sogogi Dashida is a korean beef broth. Dasida Soup Stock is used for seasoning soups and other korean dishes.


Ingredients: Wheat starch, salt, soy sauce (defatted soybean, corn), sugar, beef (5.6%), glucose, dexdtrin, onion powder, garlic powder, natural and artificial flavor (contains milk), beef bone extract (1.7%), spices, oleoresin black pepper, oleoresin capsicum, beef flavor powder (0.3%) E330, thiamine, E621, E631, E627.


Net : 100g

Product of Korea


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 909kJ/216kcal
Fat 6,7g
Saturated fat 3,1g
Carbonhydrates 26,6g
Sugar 6,3g
Protein 12,5g
Salt 49,8g

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