Okame Natto Mini 150g (fermented soybeans)

Okame Natto Mini 150g (fermented soybeans)

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100 g = 2.60 €

Okame Natto Mini

Japanese fermented natto soybeans with Sauce and Mustard. The included sauce and mustard are individually wrapped and can be mixed if necessary.



FERMENTED SOYBEANS: Soybeans, rice powder, Bacillus.

SAUCE: Water, hydrolysis protein, sugar, isoglucose, soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, water, salt), salt, vinegar, bonitoextract, flavor enhancer (E621), Ethanol, thiamine)

MUSTARD: mustard, vinegar, salt, vegetable oil, acidifying agents, coloring: turmeric (E100), vitamin C (E300), thickeners, flavor enhancer (E621), spice.


Eat immediately after thawing or store up to 28 days in the refrigerator.


Net: 150g (packed 3 servings individually)

Product of Japan


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 738kJ/190kcal
Fat 8,3g
Saturated fat 1,1g
Carbonhydrates 7,2g
Sugar 1,2g
Protein 15g
Salt 0,2g

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