Marukyo Aji no Meisaku 250g (japanese confectionery)

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100 g = 3.10 €

Marukyo Aji no Meisaku

Aji no Meisaku Japanese confection with 5 varieties individually packaged. One package contain 18 small japanese confection/small cakes. The cakes have a traditional shape such as a chestnut or peach leaf and peach blossom. Each cake has a diefferent filling inside. The perfect sidedish for greentea and coffee.

Kuri Man (chestnut shape): Crushed chestnut with white Anko filling.
Momo Yama (Peach Leaf): White Anko with red bean filling.
Nyuuka (Blossom Shape): Milk and White Anko filling.
Matcha Manju (Ball shape): Fine green tea and white Anko.
Soba Manju (Ball shape): White Anko with soba buckwheat flour.


Ingredients: Azuki beans (35%), sugar, wheat flour, corn syrup, humectant E965, egg, trehalose *, oligosaccharides, vegetable oil (palm, pork extract, canola, soybeans, corn, acidified milk, milk powder, salt, emulsifiers: E472b and E322 (contains soy), flavor, antioxidant: E306, coloring E160a, glucose, water, chopped chestnuts, condensed milk, buckwheat flour, corn syrup, poppy seeds, raising agent: E336, ammonium chloride E500 and E504, green tea powder, cinnamon powder, Alcohol seasonings (mirin) ( glutinous rice, rice koji, alcohol), coloring: E160a.

* Trehalose is a source of glucose.


Net : 250g

Product of Japan


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 1360kJ/321kcal
Fat 2,7g
Saturated fat 0,8g
Carbonhydrates 67g
Sugar 26g
Protein 6g
Salt 0,14g



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