Calpis Sirup 1,5Liter

Calpis Sirup 1,5Liter

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1 l = 9.32 €

Calpis Sirup

The famous softdrink Calpis from Japan as concentrate. With one bottle of Calpis concentrate you get 7,5Liter of delicious Clapis. Simply combine Calpis with 4 parts of water or sparkling water and enjoy.

Recommendation: You can use Calpis and sparkling wine to mix delicious alcoholic mixdrinks.


Ingredients: granulated sugar, low-fat milk (treated with lactic acid culture), water, flavorings, citric citric acid.


Net : 1,5Liter

Product of Taiwan


Nutritional information per 100ml  
Energy 1035kJ/244kcal
Fat 0g
Saturated fat 0g
Carbonhydrates 59g
Sugar 59g
Protein 1,7g
Salt 0,06g

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