Nongshim AnSungTangMyun 125g (korean Instantnoodle)

Nongshim AnSungTangMyun 125g (korean Instantnoodle)

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100 g = 0.80 €

Nongshim AnSungTangMyun

Nongshim AnSungTangMyun are Korean instant noodles. It is a mild and spicy miso noodle soup, which is reminiscent of the traditional noodle soups from the Korean small towns (Ansung/Anseong).

Direction: 1) Boil 550 ml of water. 2) Add the noodle and the soupbase in the boiling water. 3) Cook for about 5 minutes and stir well. 4) If desired you can add an chilli,egg, onions and korean ricecake. 5) Serve.


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Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour (Australia), palm oil, potato starch, salt, acidity regulator: E501 / E339 / E500, Tocopherol liquid (antioxidant: E306, emulsifier: E322 (contains soy)), seasoning (maltodextrin, garlic extract, sweetener: E420) Green tea extract (oligosaccharide, tea catechin, citric E330), coloring: E101; Soup powder: Seasonings (hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, wheat), maltodextrin, yeast extract, garlic, black pepper, mushrooms, sugar), salt, sugar, condiments (chili peppers, red pepper seed oil, garlic, black pepper), dried seaweed, a flavor enhancer: E627 / E631, dried chili peppers, caramel powder (maltodextrin, coloring: E150c).


Netto: 125g

Product of Korea


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 1779kJ/423kcal
Fat 14g
Saturated fat 7g
Carbonhydrates 66g
Sugar 2,9g
Protein 8,2g
Salt 4,7g

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