Otafuku Yuzu Ajitsuke Nama Ponzu 300ml

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1 l = 27.63 €

Otafuku Yuzu Ajitsuke Nama Ponzu

Yuzu Seasoning Sauce with Soysauce


Ingredients: SOY sauce (water, defatted SOY BEANS, WHEAT, table salt, SOY BEANS), water, citrus fruit juice (22%) (yuzu citrus fruit juice, concentrated lemon juice), fermentation vinegar (alcohol, water), glucose, table salt, flavor enhancer: E621, E508 and E635 , Fish extract (FISH, hydrolyzed protein (WHEAT, corn), table salt, sugar, FISH EXTRACT, water), hydrolyzed protein (HYDROLIZED SOY PROTEIN, table salt, maltodextrin, sugar), sweetener: E965, seaweed extract (seaweed extract, sweetener: E965, Yeast extract (yeast extract, maltodextrin). 


Net: 300ml

Product from Japan


Nutritional information per 100ml  
Energy 285kJ/ 67kcal
Fat 0g
Saturated fat 0g
Carbonhydrates 13g
Sugar 9,2g
Protein 4g
Salt 9,7g



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