Showa Okonomi-yaki Mix 200g

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100 g = 1.35 €

Showa Okonomi-yaki Mix for authentic Japanese Okonomiyaki.

The flour mixture makes it easy to create delicious Japanese Okonomiyaki at home.

Preparation (For about two Okonomiyaki):
1. Mix 100g of Okonomiyaki Mix (½ Bag) and 100ml of water with a wisk.
2. (Add immediately before cooking): Add in one egg, 300g of finely chopped cabbage (pointed cabbage), ingredients of your choice (such as seafood, green onion or Tenkasu) and fold it into the batter.
3. Put a little bit of oil and half of the batter in a circle shape on a heated pan and fry for about 4 minutes on medium heat.
4. Flip the Okonomiyaki, put a lid on and fry for another 5 minutes.
5. Remove the lid, flip the Okonomiyaki one last time and fry for a minute. Plate it up and add Okonomiyaki Sauce, Mayonnaise and Katsuobushi. Enjoy!


Ingredients: WHEATflour, sugar, salt, glucose, BONITOpowder, MACRELEpowder, baking powder, E621, E 475.


Net: 200g

Product of Japan


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 1452kJ/ 247kcal
Fat 2,4g
Saturated fat 0,5g
Carbonhydrates 70,6g
Sugar 0,8g
Protein 10,4g
Salt 3,2g



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