Osato Natto Umai Ga Ichiban 180g (fermented soybeans)

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Osato Natto Umai Ga Ichiban 180g (fermented soybeans)

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100 g = 2.21 €

Osato Natto Umai Ga Ichiban

Osato Natto Umai Ga Ichiban are japanese fermented small soybeans. Natto is a traditional Japanese food made of soybeans. The included sauce and mustard are individually wrapped and can be mixed if necessary. Everybody who would like to enjoy natto without any additives, only use these fermented soybeans and add your soysauce, your own brewed dashi and organic mustard.



FERMENTED SOYBEAN (88.2%): (soybeans, Bacillus subtilis var natto);

SAUCE: thin soy sauce (nonfat soybeans, salt, wheat, rice, alcohol), water, hydrolyzed protein (corn), glucose-fructose syrup with sugar, soy sauce (fat-free soy beans, wheat, salt, alcohol), flavor enhancer: E621, fructose-glucose syrup, grain vinegar, salt, sugar, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine (sugar, rice, alcohol, rice malt), flavor enhancer: E635, bonitoextract (Bonitoextract (fish), bonito (fish), corn syrup, salt, flavor enhancer: E621 and E635 ).

MUSTARD: water, mustard, salt, acid: E296, alcohol, colorant: E100, E415 thickener E415 and E412, vitamin C.


Net: 180g (packed 4 servings individually)

Product of Japan


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 663kJ/159kcal
Fat 8,1g
Saturated fat 1,3g
Carbonhydrates 3,1g
Sugar 1,1g
Protein 15g.
Salt 1,1g

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