Yamamoto Seifun Geki-kara Mazemen 440g

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1 kg = 15.86 €

Yamamoto Seifun Geki-kara Mazemen 440g

Brand: Yamamoto Seifun


Description: Very spicy vegan Japanese instant noodles without soup. 5 Portions.


Cooking Direction: 1. Boil 200ml of water in a frying pan and add the noodles. 2. Cook the noodles with medium heat for 30 senconds, then flip and separate them once they have softened. 3. Add the sauce right before the water has completely evaporated. 4. Serve briefly and enjoy


Ingredients: fried noodle [WHEAT flour, vegetable oil (palm), salt], sauce (sugar, salt, chili pepper, powdered MISO, powdered SOYBEAN sauce, garlic, onion powder, rice flour, pepper, green onions, vegetable oils and fats) / modified starch, monosodium glutamate (E621), colorings [caramel (E150a), paprika (E160c)], lye water, calcium carbonate (E170), antioxidant [vitamin E (E306)], sweetener [stevia (E960)], spice extract.


Net: 440g

Country of Origin: Japan


Nutritional information per 100g  
Energy 1824kJ/436kcal
Fat 18g
Saturated Fat 7g
Carbonhydrates 61,9g
Sugar 2,1g
Protein 6,6g
Salt 2,88g


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Yamamoto Seifun Geki-kara Mazemen 440g

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